Spread Betting Review


Core Spreads Review

CoreSpreads sets itself apart from other spread betting and trading sites by defining itself as a unique provider in the market. Traders can expect tight spreads and fixed trading over the long term.
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ETX Capital Review

Formerly known as TradIndex and later rebranded in 2008, ETX Capital has roots that reach back to 1973. ETX offers its account holders 4 separate platforms, each tailored to various betting needs. The company offers spread betting on a wide range of markets, a 24 hour trading abilities and help desk and an extensive market analysis.
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CMC Markets Review

Founded by Peter Cruddas in 1989, CMC Markets is an expansive UK based financial spread betting company. Due to its tax status, spread betting accounts are only available to those living in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. CMC Markets is currently one of the largest and most successful spread bet sites in the UK.
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IG Review

IG is a financial spread betting site, from the IG Group. The company was founded in 1974 and created IG as the world’s first spread betting company. After rapid growth during the 1990s, it now stands as one of the world’s leading names in spread bets and trades. They currently have more 120,000 account holders worldwide and are a FTSE 250 company.
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