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UK Economy on Track for Bank Rate Hike

British Prime Minister Theresa May remains confident that a Brexit deal will be passed before the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union
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The Sun Never Sets on the UK Economy

The Bank of England (BOE) is forecasting rather upbeat sentiment about the British economy, and this is being bolstered by the Centre for Economics and Business Research.
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How Does the UK Budget Measure up for Britons?

There are major positives to be taken from the 2016 budget however there are negative headwinds on the horizon too.
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UK Household Spending to Drop to 1.6% in Coming Years

The UK is set to experience a marked slowdown in household expenditure from 2017 – 2020. Weak wage growth and rising inflation are a source of deep concern.
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World Bank forecasts 2.6% real GDP growth in the UK for 2016

For 2014, the UK GDP grew at 2.9% with an inflation rate of 1.5%. The GDP figure was $2.989 trillion. For 2016, the prognosis is far gloomier.
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No Interest-Rate Hike for the UK say Leading Economic Analysts

The Bank of England has its back against the wall vis-a-vis interest-rate hikes. The state of the global economy is such that justifying a rate hike is virtually impossible.
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Stock Markets Rally Despite Tapering Decision

Spread betting markets received fresh impetus to send asset prices higher, as macro data helped to offset the potential negatives that could have been seen after the US Federal Reserve […]
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S&P 500 Threatens 1800 Break as Tapering Fears Reduced

Spread betting markets saw some new record stock valuations last week, with the S&P 500 knocking on the door of 1800 into Friday’s close. 
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S&P 500 at 5-Year High on Continued Earnings Strength

The S&P 500 closed higher for the 6th week in a row (the best weekly performance since August), as corporate earnings continue to show strength and policymakers in the Eurozone […]
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Market Volatility Slows as Summer Trading Activity Sets In

As is often the case, trading activity is seeing a marked slowdown as the end of the summer season draws near but stock markets and high yielding currencies as getting most of the benefit with small pushes higher.
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