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British PM Under Pressure to Bremain for a While Longer

The Labour Party in the UK has shifted position and is now in favour of a significantly softer Brexit. Read more!
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Visa Free Entry to Britain for European Union Citizens Post-Brexit

In a sharp reversal from decades-old policy, EU nationals will likely be required to apply for work visas to Britain.
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Why Are So Many Foreigners Still Working in the UK?

In the months following the Brexit referendum in June 2016, net migration from Europe has slowed, but remains at elevated levels. Read more.
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Weaker GBP Helps to Drive Exports

The UK economy currently faces sharp reductions in international investment. Brexit anxiety is driving investors away, but domestic consumption remains strong.
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Major Budget Surpluses Evident in Parts of England

Major Budget Surpluses Evident in Parts of England: The City of London generates surpluses to the tune of £26.5 billion. The UK government typically uses this funding to aid other regions of the United Kingdom that are less prosperous.
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Is the UK Financial Sector at Risk after the French Elections?

Emmanuel Macron has been crystal-clear about his views on a Brexit: it is a dreadful mistake. How will he try to entice multinational corporations from Britain to France?
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UK to Be Hit with Exodus of Financial Services Firms Post-Brexit

The UK is gearing up for an exodus of some 55+ financial services companies. With the Brexit looming large, multinationals aren’t taking any chances. Read more!
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Paris Attempts to Woo London-based Banks in the Wake of an Impending Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by April 2017. The City of Paris is in a mad dash to woo London’s financial sector abroad.
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Brexit Anxiety Weighs Heavily on the BBA

The British Bankers Association (BBA) is applying pressure on Prime Minister May to commit to an open-ended agreement with the European Union, post Brexit.
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Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit? Pundits Have Their Say!

The United Kingdom voted in favour of a Brexit on June 23, 2016. Now, everyone is awaiting the precise moment when Theresa May will trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.
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