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With the current trends seen in cloud computing, it should not be surprising to most that similar trends are being seen in the world of Spread Betting trading. Web based trading technology is being utilized in Spread Betting more than ever and your broker has made these applications simple and easy to use so that your trading accounts can be accessed from most locations. Traders are able to place trades in both rising and falling markets and utilize tight, fixed dealing spreads with low margin rates in a wide variety of markets. These include Forex, Stock Indices, Individual shares and commodities, amongst others. Account information is secure and the platform is designed with the client in mind, so that intuitive controls can be familiar and easily recognizable.

Spread Betting Trading Platforms

Platform Features

One common complaint for web based traders is that execution is slower and less reliable but as the technology continues to improve, this has become less of an issue. Fast and accurate execution can now be seen, with reliable pricing and no requites. Live customer support can always be accessed so that information can be conveyed as the need arises. In essence, you are never trading alone as the trading community possesses a high level on interactivity.

In total, the cost-effective trading package provides free training tools, live charts with enhanced interactivity and a clear account overview. The interface provides access to literally thousands of markets, making trades executable in seconds.

Entering into Trades

To initiate Spread Betting trades, all you need to do is select your chosen market by searching through the available trading instruments within the clear menu system. Favorite markets can be saved for easy access at a later time, and this helps investors to define their portfolio allocation. The trading “ticket” requires you to select your lot size (the size of the total position), and this can be determined in either percentages or in point movements. This is important for risk management, and live prices will continue to alter with the market until the trade is finalized. This occurs when the confirmation window is clicked, and then the open trade appears in the Open Positions window of the trader. Prices will fluctuate with the market and show you your current profit and loss levels as time progresses.

Altering Trades as You Go

It should be remembered that trades can always be altered, as stop-loss and limit orders can be adjusted as the market environment changes. This helps to limit losses and lock in profits even when you are not actively monitoring the trading station. For example, trailing stops will move your previously determined stop loss level (based on your determinations) and prices will adjust as long as the asset progresses in your forecasted direction. In addition to this, limit orders can be created that allow you to enter into positions once the market moves to trade as your predetermined level.

Stop Losses

It should be remembered that stop losses cannot be guaranteed for all markets, as some assets trade with greater volatility than others. Guaranteed Stops are available in some markets and this helps to protect traders from unexpected market gaps. There are additional premiums for this guarantee but many new traders will be attracted to this option as it allows for enhanced limitations on risk.

User Manuals

A final point is that trader questions can always be referenced in the user manuals that are provided. New traders should look at these manuals to get a greater sense of familiarity with the trader, as this, along with practice is the best way to become accustomed to the Spread Betting trading platform. The manual shows you how to fund your account, monitor the account trading history and manage live orders that have not yet been triggered.


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