How Many Immigrants Will the UK Allow in Post-Brexit?

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The UK targets immigration of 100,000 people per annum, but that remains a tough sell for the Prime Minister!

Brexit secretary David Davis has alluded to the ‘Promising Start’ made to the difficult Brexit negotiations currently underway. David Davis appeared with Michel Barnier who is negotiating from the European Union perspective. Central to the tense negotiations are several core issues including financial relationships, separation-related issues, and expatriates’ rights.

According to details of the talks, the UK and the EU will be spending one week of every month in negotiations with senior experts. The UK has under 2 years to leave the European Union according to the June 23, 2016 Brexit referendum. From the EU perspective, Michel Barnier insists that a fair deal is preferable to no agreement whatsoever. The United Kingdom seeks to build a positive relationship with the European Union, but the Europeans insist that can only be made possible once the European Council has deemed it so.

How many immigrants will the UK accept per annum?

The Environment Secretary of the United Kingdom, Michael Gove believes that the UK should not be focusing on strict quotas when it comes to immigration, but on the U.K.’s needs. Consider that in 2016, immigration into the UK number 248,000. Prime Minister Theresa May has made it an election mandate and a party policy to limit immigration to under 100,000 people per annum. Whether or not that is possible is anyone’s guess.

UK businesses are deeply concerned about the impact of a nasty divorce from the EU on their bottom line. Many UK businesses rely on unskilled labour in the form of fruit pickers, seasonal workers and others from European countries. If government plans to limit immigration to just 100,000 people per year, this will adversely impact UK businesses. The effect on the GBP and the FTSE 100 index will be telling. UK foreign secretary, Boris Johnson campaigned heavily against remaining in the European Union, and he is spearheading initiatives to maintain good relations with Europe.

Nick Clegg Says the Tories Had No Clue About the Brexit Process

The former Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg believes that the Conservative party was ill-prepared for the ramifications of a Brexit. Further, Mr. Clegg is of the opinion that the Tories did a poor job of preparing everyday Britons for the consequences of a Brexit. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May is in all sorts of trouble trying to cobble together a coalition after having lost significant ground in the June 8 general election. Instead of strengthening her bargaining position, she weakened it by choosing an early election when there was no need for one.

Nonetheless, she has been officially elected and has first crack at forming a government in the United Kingdom. For his part, David Davis remains in an unenviable position. As Brexit secretary, his job is to usher the United Kingdom through one of its most difficult legal wrangles ever. Davis continues to stress that the most important aspect of the negotiations is how they are resolved, not how they begin. The Europeans do not believe that any concessions should be forthcoming for the United Kingdom since they willingly opted to leave the EU.

Could the Negotiations Continue Beyond 2 Years?

Of course there are many other concerns such as the status of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland post-Brexit. Among the many high-level delegates involved in Brexit negotiations are Christian Jones, Alex Ellis, Simon Case, Glynn Williams, David Davis, Oliver Robbins and Mark Bowman. Border issues are front and centre in the Brexit negotiations. But the path ahead is a minefield of uncertainty, and nobody quite knows how it will impact the GBP or the UK economy.

Since voting for a Brexit a year ago, multiple steps have been taken by the UK government to initiate the 2-year withdrawal. The UK has the option of continuing negotiations beyond 2 years if all 27 remaining EU nations agree. That seems an unlikely proposition given the contentious nature of the Brexit process. For now, the Europeans are content that Britons have a degree of remorse about the Brexit vote. And Germany is willing to offer the UK a chance to rescind the decision.


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