Spread Betting Review

Important Comparison Notes / Company Prices Comments

1. The typical spread size is quoted. Note that spread sizes tend to vary under a number of circumstances including, but not limited to:

  • when betting outside of normal market hours
  • when you use guaranteed stop losses
  • the first 30-60 minutes of the day
  • as you get closer / further away from the settlement date
  • Extraordinary market events, for example the 2011 Japanese Tsunami

2. The spreads are quoted in tic, pip or point size
3. † no Daily Market available – the Futures Spread and Stake have been quoted instead
4. ‡ Some markets are only available in the reverse spread eg JPY/USD rather than USD/JPY
5. ^ Minimum £10 stake for phone trades
6. Where minimum stakes are quoted in the format £1/£10 then this refers to the ‘minimum online stakes’ / ‘minimum phone stakes’
7. New Accounts are subject to Status, Suitability and Identity checks
8. New Account Offers are subject to Terms and Conditions
9. Credit Accounts are subject to proof of liquid funds and terms and conditions will vary from firm to firm
10. If Credit Accounts are not available, that means only Deposit Accounts are offered
11. 24 hour trading refers to trading hours of “late on Sunday night to Friday evening”. Exact hours are also subject to public holidays and will vary from firm to firm. Not all markets will be available for 24 hour trading, eg the FTSE 100 ‘After Hours’ trading may close at 21.00 GMT but some Forex Majors will still be available.
12. ‘FSA’ refers to whether the firm is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority
13. The above data is subject to change without notice or warning and given without warranty. Please also see our terms and conditions.
14. Last update of Market Information and sources:

  • Capital Spreads, 19-Oct-11
  • City Index, 18-Jan-11
  • ETX Capital, 07-Apr-11
  • Financial Spreads, 19-Oct-11
  • IG Index, 19-Oct-11
  • InterTrader, 19-Oct-11
  • Spread Co, 23-Mar-10

15. The comparison tables are not meant to be inclusive, spread betting services are also available with other companies


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